I’ve been staring at my screen trying to think of something witty or poignant to type and be the greatest blog post ever.  In the midst of thought my son has run in to slay me with his plastic swords and demands that he take over this blog because he has a “great” idea.  So I now turn over the keyboard to my eight year old son…

Me and my dad makes jokes.They are super funny.We make jokes together like what does a frog drink at a party? crokeacola.       What does a bird say to a booly?  Peck on someone your own size.     We do so much fun thing.  Each day we have lots of fun.  We always hang out with each other.  We go to my sisters volleyball games she is amazing.  She is always on her phone.  we love each other for ever so we stick together for ever.  My mom loves me so much.  She always wants to hug me.  My dad likes to go places and i want to go with him.  My dad is very funny i love to hang out with him.



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